Tuesday, December 1, 2015

God And Games - Part 3: Embracing the Future

Humans have been creating their own universes since we first painted upon a cave wall the reflections of the world as we saw it. Now eons later, on this solitary world, a blue ball of water in a vast ocean of darkness, there are countless worlds created and shared by us all. The worlds we can now explore seem to be as endless as our own imaginations.

The past is also a world of its own. We can piece together enough to try to and explore it and learn from it. But the most tantalizing of the worlds we can attempt to explore is the future. Through prophecy, the ancients attempted to explore this elusive world. Yet prophecy has never been able to actually predict or create the future, at best, only attempt in vain to destroy it.

Through exploring the world of the past, we see that dire predictions of the world's destruction are the most common prophecies. These prophecies never came true. The world changed and became new but did not cease to be.

Through creation, the future is built, and through imagination we can create. We truly do not know what the future holds, but that means we can imagine the possibilities.

It can be an overwhelming freedom that frightens some into staying within the boundaries of what we already know, but even if we never leave our world, one day our children will. They will leave the world we know and venture to worlds unimaginable by us.

Indeed, somehow on one particular of this myriad of imagined worlds I even managed to find the woman I love and we managed to create a new world as well as a new life together.

There is a sadness when we leave a world behind to journey somewhere new. A part of ourselves will always remain there and no matter where we go or what we do we will never be able to get it back. As you keep exploring you will surely find joy again... and probably sadness again too, but that's how the journey goes as you walk toward the future.

As I bring my daughter into what I now realize is a boundless world, I cannot help but want to embrace a future where she can stand upon my shoulders and see farther than I could possibly imagine and imagine farther than I could ever dream.

 And I will pass down the controller to her so she might visit those worlds that once inspired me and take with her to the future to explore whatever worlds lie beyond.